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A web directory or link directory is a directory of websites. It contains links of websites under various categories e.g. Business, Computers, Arts, Education, Entertainment, Real Estate, Regional etc. Like Search Engines, a web directory does not show results based on keywords, instead it lists websites by categories and subcategories. The categorization is usually based on the whole web site, rather than one page or a set of keywords and websites are often limited to inclusion in only one or two categories. Web directories often allow website owners to submit their website and then the submissions are reviewed by human editors to approve.Web Directories offer various types of listings :Free Submission – they do not charge for listing the website. Such web directories do take time to review and approve a listing.Reciprocal Link – You have to place a link on a webpage of your website before submittingNo Follow – there will be “nofollow” attribute associated with to your submitted link, meaning search engine bots will not follow the link. In other words, it will not help you in your SEO process.Featured Listing – Your website is given a premium position in one or more categories.Bid for Position – where websites are ordered based on bid amount.Why submit to Web Directories: Submission to web directories is one of the foremost part of link building or seo process. Directory Submission provides you one way links from the relevant pages. In a bid to promote their own web directories for high traffic and PR, directory owners promote their web directories continuously through various means, hence it also helps you to generate traffic from them.Directory Submission Tips : Following are the important things to be kept in mind while submitting your website to web directories :SEO friendly :The directories should be SEO friendly where you are submitting your website. It helps your website in search engines rankings and promotion i.e. search engine robots will easily find and index your web page. Links must not contain attribute.Google Cache Directories : Check if the web directory is in Google cache before submitting your website. Many times Google removes the directories from its cache due to various violations such as spamming, FFA etc. or if they do not comply with Google webmaster guidelines.Page Rank :The directory should have some Page Rank also. The PR helps you to get more credibility. Many people think that those directories are more beneficial having high PR but these directories either do not allow free links or take more time to list your website. If your website is new, there is no harm submitting to low PR or Zero PR web directories as these web directories would also attempt to gain high PR in the future.Organic and Natural Submission : The submission process should be slow. Do not try to submit to many directories in one go.Avoid submitting to spam directories. Submit only to quality web directories.Strictly follow the submission guidelines set by the web directory owners. Read carefully their guidelines while submitting your website.Your website should not under construction and do not put any forwarding to the submitting webpages as many directories owners do not approve such links.

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